Wilshire Labs (Pharmaceutical)

Wilshire Labs was started in 1982 as a sole proprietor ship and was converted to private limited company in 1994. It was established with covered area of 2000 sq. ft. in a residential area and shifted to largest industrial estate of Punjab i.e. Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate, Lahore in1986. Manufacturing facility has been grown with covered area of approx.120,000 sq. ft. equipped with latest machinery & equipment. Wilshire Labs (Pharmaceutical) is devoted on ensuring that it delivers and achieves its aims to the fullest.

Wilshire Labs (Pharmaceutical) is an organization combine entrepreneurship, strong work ethics, strict compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) with wide range of products. As a healthcare company, Wilshire Labs (Pharmaceutical) manufactures and markets innovative and quality medicines, which help prevent, cure and all eviateillnesses as well as save lives while serving the best interest of consumers and employees. Hard work to bring forth medicinal products with added advantage had been main aim of the organization. Rich product portfolio developed and vast coverage of all major therapeutic areas had been a proof for fulfillment of the said commitment.With a conscientious team, strict adherence to international standards of GLP and cGMP, Wilshire Labs (Pharmaceutical) has been awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification. With stringent quality control checks, the company has established an edge over its competitors enabling it to become the industry benchmark. According to the IMS Pakistan, Wilshire Labs is ranked among the top 50 companies from more than 700 pharmaceutical companies including multinationals in Pakistan in terms of sales.

Wilshire Labs has attained this prestigious position through continuous focus on modern production facilities, close team work, human resource development and innovative marketing skills.

Wilshire has been supplying medication to numerousinternational organizations including:

World Health Organization

United Nations

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Center, Lahore

Agha Khan University Hospital, Karachi

Wilshire Labs (Natural/Herbal/Nutraceutical)

With more than three decades of serving healthcare segment of Pakistan and a commitment to elevate the quality of life of Nations around the globe, Wilshire Labs has expanded its horizon byadding wellness products in its catalogue. We are well prepared for manufacturing herbal and nutraceutical medicines through our dedicated R&D team and “state-of-the-science”newly established manufacturing facilities namely Wilshire Labs (Pvt) Ltd. (Natural / Herbal /Nutraceutical Unit) situated at Lahore.

Since the beginning, human being have been using natural herbs for various diseases and nutritional purposes.With the unveiling of nature’s secrets the study on herbal treatment has become more superior and sophisticated. At Wilshire Labs (Natural), we are committed tocontinue this tradition of herbal use with blend of modern technology and developed formulations to add value into consumers’ lives. Wilshire Labs (Natural)has been established with an aim to meet the ever increasing demand of herbal / nutraceutical products in international market by achieving the highest possible levels of quality with the latest GMP compliant manufacturing equipment's. Our unit is especially designed for export to USA,Canada, European Union and other countries with stringent regulatory authorities. Wilshire Labs (Natural)believes inproviding access to high-class medicines to nations across the world by improving the quality of human life through continuous Research &Development. Wilshire Labs (Natural) assures to its consumers that we will provide the best of the nature’s gifts.


We take responsibility of providing incomparable services and products to our partners, healthcare providers and their patients. We listen to our customers, are sensitive to the views of healthcare decision-makers and strive to deliver quality products which meet their needs.

Wilshire delivers outstanding performance and service within each functional area of its group. It reaches out to all its customers providing excellence in health care. Some of the pharmacological classes being manufactured by Wilshire include:-

Antibiotic / Anti BacterialAnti Diabetic
Anti RheumaticAnti Fungal
Anti UlcerAnti Histamine / Anti Allergy
Anti epilepticPsychotropic / Anti Depressant
Analgesic / Anti Pyre-ticMulti Vitamins / Iron Supplements
Anti MalarialAnti Viral


Wilshire Labs has a state-of-the-art production facility designed to facilitate the production of the highest quality products. This production facility is located at the largest industrial estate of Punjab i.e. Quaid-e-Azam Industrial Estate, Lahore. Wilshire Labs adheres strictly to the principles of cGMP with its modernized production facilities including efficient production control, quality assurance, industrial safety, occupational health and environmental control systems.

Raw materials are sourced from globally renowned manufacturers. These materials are subjected to various testing procedures. Production of quality products at the manufacturing facility is approved through regular inspections by regulatory authorities.

At Wilshire Labs, we understand that a sound infrastructure meeting global standards is an essential part of achieving our deliverables. We are well-equipped to manufacture:

Tablets, Immediate Release
Tablets, Controlled or Sustained Release
Tablets, Enteric Coated
Capsules, Hard Gelatin Filled with Powder, Granules, Mini Tablets or Pellets
Capsules, Controlled or Sustained Release
Capsules, Cephalosporin (Dedicated)
Oral Suspensions and Sachet
Oral Suspensions and Sachet Cephalosporin (Dedicated)
Dry Powder Injectable (General)
Dry Powder Injectable (Cephalosporin)
Liquid Inject-able (General)
Liquid Injectable (Narcotic / Psychotropic)

Wilshire Labs (Natural/Herbal/Nutraceutical)and its products are also enlisted with Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan with the same standards as put for the pharmaceutical formulations with WHO/cGMP Compliance. At our herbal unit, our range of products includes following dosage forms:-



Dry Syrup


Liquid Syrup







At Wilshire Labs, quality management is our foremost concern because the company believes in building of quality right from the selection of raw material through the whole manufacturing process, till the end product. The qualitative edge stems from our highly skilled work force and professional management backed by ongoing integrated human resource training and development program.

  1. The Quality Policy of Wilshire Labs is designed to produce good quality medicines according to BP, USP, European Pharmacopoeia and other international pharmacopoeias.
  2. It is our basic premise that Quality is not merely conformance to specifications; it is, in fact, building quality into the product at all stages of manufacturing. 
  3. We believe there is always room for improvement and everyone contributes towards achieving the top standards of quality. 

This in turn ensures that every product bearing the name of Wilshire Labs meets the highest international quality standards of production, safety and efficacy, hence making the name of Wilshire synonymous to ‘Quality’.

Our Quality Control Laboratories have the latest analytical instruments. We monitor quality through elaborate systems which ensure the consistent quality of our products. Our facilities comply with GLP requirements and International quality standards including WHO, and we have consistently high ratings with the regulatory compliance. Securing all processes in the company’s Quality Manual ensures that a patient is not at risk due to inadequate safety, quality or efficacy.
A highly qualified and trained team of professionals works in our Quality Operations system. They develop and manufacture products in an environment which celebrates continuous quality improvement. To achieve our quality objective, we have designed and comprehensively implemented an independent Quality Assurance Department, supervised by qualified staff provided with necessary equipment and facilities.

Our Quality Assurance ensures the ultimate quality by implementing systems such as Quality Risk Management, In-process Controls, Validations and Quality by Design.  Our products are well accepted and their national and international demand is a reflection of the confidence constituted by the medical community and patients.
Our Environmental Management System outlines an organizational framework for systematic identification, control and improvement of environmental impacts and aspects. Elimination of all possible pollutants and environmental hazards is ensured through an elaborate Environmental Policy. The salient features of our policy are:- 

  1. Maintaining our plant, equipment and facilities in a manner so as to ensure a safe and clean environment.
  2. Training our people with a view to create awareness among them about the importance of a pollution-free environment. 
  3. Maintaining a comprehensive system aimed at providing containment and effective disposal of pollutants. 
  4. Pollutant waste is disposed of effectively through a process of proper incineration/recycling.
  5. Full compliance of environmental laws and regulations.