At Wilshire, our values are deeply ingrained in our culture and we practice them in everything we do.

Respect for All

Respect for all is the top must to have value in an organization where we believe that everyone should be respected regardless of their rank, caste, religion, gender , skin color or beliefs.

Team work

Team Work allows one to reap various benefits. Collaborative efforts create a synergy, with which maximum favorable results can be achieved. We believe in working together to achieve the best possible results.


Empowerment and accountability are the concepts that we believe are the must to have for employees at all levels, which helps them develop skills and think independently. This promotes ownership and result oriented business environment.


We develop and sustain a reputation for being an organization that upholds value including fair play, reliability, honesty and no discrimination.

Quality Excellence

Quality is a bed rock, from product development to packaging. We embrace excellence through dedication to the idea of perfection and manifesting it in everything we do.

Creativity & innovation

We are open to ideas that challenge the status quo and drive innovation. The only constant thing in life is change and in order to stay relevant we must constantly improve with society's changing needs.